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“Who is My Neighbor?” is a documentary feature film that explores the subject of immigration on a global scale. While US news headlines zero in on illegal immigration, border control and a White House administration’s “zero tolerance” policy within this country, the issue is one that goes beyond America’s borders.  According to the United Nations, in 2015, there were 244 million migrants and refugees worldwide. 


In this documentary, filmmaker and Redemptorist Catholic priest, Fr. Charles Vijay Kumar, C.Ss.R., presents a unique Christian perspective on the issue through stories of migrant and refugees. Filmed in over twenty cities/towns across nine countries: U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Italy, France, Philippines, South Africa, Mozambique and Russia, spread over five continents, the documentary explores the complexity and unimaginable expanse of the crisis.  Viewers learn about their origins, the factors that forced them to flee from their homes, the treacherous journeys they face and their struggles to find security and a new beginning in foreign lands.  Equally as important, the film spotlights the people who are compelled to reach out and work with these families – social workers, human rights advocates, legal professionals, church ministers and community volunteers – providing support and hope.


The camera’s eye also focuses on everyday local citizens who have been besieged by the media’s coverage of this topic. What’s fact and what’s fiction?  While some are resentful by the lack of clarity and control by their own governments, others are confused by the political rhetoric. What is the Christian response to this dilemma and how can people come together to take action for the good of all?

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